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Hacky Holidays - Space Race: UFOria

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    Royce Hoe


Note: this is a challenge with intentionally vulnerable systems and applications, in which you are allowed to find vulnerabilities. For more information click here.

This challenge uses backend systems which needs to be launched before it can be solved. Click the launch button above to start the backend systems.

Invite only [75 points]

Can you get a valid invite code? The flag is the invite code.

Members only - [75 points]

Can you access the members-only area?


Well well well, what do we have here? A website challenge? Time to start playing around to get the invite code.

Solving the challenge: Part 1

Clicking on Contact us brings up the invite code prompt. Thankfully, poking around in the elements yielded this gem:

function contactus() {
  var code = prompt('This option is invitation only. Enter your invite code:')

  var verify = (function (code) {
    if (code.length != 12) {
      return false

    var parts = [code.substr(0, 3), code.substr(4, 4), code.substr(9, 3)]
    if (parts.join('-') != code) {
      return false

    if (parts[0] != 'UFO') {
      return false
    if (parts[1] != btoa('UFO')) {
      return false
    if (parts[2] != 'UFO'.charCodeAt(0) + 'UFO'.charCodeAt(1) + 'UFO'.charCodeAt(2)) {
      return false

    return true

  if (verify) {
      'Great, please continue the booking process by sending us an email with your invitation code.'
  } else {
    alert('Wrong invite code.')

In summary, his javascript code is telling me how the invite code is validated. Here is what I understand. Whatever the invite code is, it:

  • Must be 12 characters long
  • Is made of 3 parts joined together whereby, under the substr method:
    • Part 1: Contains character index 0-3,
    • Part 2: Contains character index 4-7
    • Part 3: Contains character index 9-11
  • Whereby

To solve for these, I got:

  • Part 1: UFO
  • Part 2: VUZPCg== (obtained via base64 on the linux command line)
  • Part 3: 234

And to put this code snippet as the cherry on top:
if (parts.join("-") != code) { return false; }
which in plain English means, all parts must be joined with the "-" character, I got the flag!

flag: UFO-VUZP-234

Solving the challenge: Part 2

The challenge is osint which means that the vulnerability is not the website itself; the vulnerability is through publicly available sources.
Googling the company, I found one of the CEOs: Elliot Talton. Going to the "about" page, I found the following information about the other CEO, Ben Organa:

Ben Organa (aka borgana), UFOria CEO

Hopping over to the forget password page in the login page, turns out that is a valid username. And now I have a security question to answer:

What is your place of birth?

Here's where Elliot Talton's LinkedIn profile came in handy: an innocent LinkedIn post about visiting a cafe he used to visit in his childhood revealed his place of birth. And since Ben Organa shares the same hometown as Eliot, I found Mr Organa's place of birth. Got the flag!

Flag: fataborgana42

Interesting things to note

  • I'm going to pause here for a moment to acknowledge another joke the creators of this CTF made. The CEO's name is Eliot Talton, short for ET.